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Social Projects

At Sjja, we’re not just a martial arts academy; we’re a community that believes in giving back. Our commitment to social projects in Brazil is at the heart of our mission. Every year, we donate hundreds of gis to those who are less fortunate, ensuring that the joy and benefits of Jiu Jitsu reach those who need it the most.

When you step onto our mats and put on your SJJA gi, you become part of this impactful mission. Your training at Sjja contributes to our efforts in providing support and resources to individuals and communities who may not have easy access to sports and education.

Wearing that gi symbolizes more than just your dedication to your training; it’s a statement of solidarity. It’s a reminder that as you improve your skills, you’re also making it possible for others to experience the transformative power of Jiu Jitsu. Your involvement truly makes a difference, allowing us to extend the reach of our sport and its positive influence.

Join us at Sjja, not only to hone your techniques and grow as an athlete, but also to be part of a movement that uplifts lives through Jiu Jitsu. Your support resonates far beyond the mat, reaching communities in Brazil and fostering a sense of unity that embodies the spirit of our sport.

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