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in this month's blog, we interviewed sjja member and karate world champion and 5th dan karate black belt josephine ngan, to hear all about her comparison of jiu jitsu to karate, and the unique benefits jiu jitsu has offered her since she commenced her bjj journey. For how long have you been training Karate and BJJ? also can you talk to us about your key achievements/titles in karate? I’ve been training Shotokan

In this month's blog, we interviewed one of our star jiu jitsu kids - Flynn, who practices both BJJ and Taekwondo and shares some interesting insights he has observed on the nuances and benefits of jiu-jitsu, compared to taekwondo. what are some of the differences you've noticed between training bjj and taekwondo (tkd)? I like training both of these martial arts, but there are a few additional benefits I get from

Hi everyone, it’s Bruno here! In this month’s blog, we’re deep diving into all things hygiene-related when it comes to training jiu jitsu. Every gym is different, but for SJJA, we’ve added below a guide on all the things you should do before, during and after training to maximise your hygiene and keep both you and your training partners safe from infection and the spread of any diseases/viruses, or other

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